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Stylish Casserole Happy House Hot Pot
Hisense Casserole
ABS Unbreakable Virtually
100% Optimum Insulation Guarantee
Design: Luxury
Handle Grip: Push Button
Plastic: ABS Material
Push Button: Tempered
Sizes: Large (4500 ml), X Large (5000 ml), and XX-Large (7000 ml)

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Sleek Grip Handle Hotpots
It is ideal for catering and storing food items in hotpots in the morning, carrying them to work, serving prepared meals right on the table, or storing excess food away. It is easy to clean and food-safe materials, including stainless steel in the interior and the outer insulation of the hot pot. Keep the temperature (hot and cold) and the nutritional value of food items for up to 4 to 6 hours. An elegant grip handle locks the lid to ensure security and ease of use. A shiny finish complements the attractive design and economical hot pot set price in Pakistan.

With this Hisense Casserole set hot pots, you can serve warm and cool dishes with style while ensuring they are at the proper temperature. It is made from food-grade, safe thermoplastics, and stainless steel, creating an extremely durable casserole inside a casing. Side handles are integrated to make it easy for handling and elegant color finishing—low-cost hot pot price in Pakistan. Buy online hot pot Karachi from our online store.

The style makes the Happy House set hot pot an eye-catching feature at your table. Additionally, they keep your food warm all day long for up to four hours. They help keep the temperatures (hot and cold) and the nutritional value of food. So the potatoes and sauces are warm for an extended period of time, and desserts are refreshingly cool—budget-friendly royal hot pot set price in Pakistan. You can put leftovers in this hot pot set as their sizes are; large (4000 ml), X-large (5500 ml), and XX-large (7000 ml).